About the author

NE Casady, Nancy Elizabeth Casady, lives in Spokane, Washington with her husband, daughter and son.  She wrote this book over a three year period, with much encouragement and motivation from her brother Matt Norman, her friends Laurel Walling, Meta Mason, Suzie Park and her husband, Grant.   His PhD studies at the time are featured in many levels of the story line. 
    The writing of this book was attempted because of the author's love of telling and hearing stories of Christian testimony as well as her love of science fiction.
    Reading fiction also played a huge part in her coming to faith in Jesus. She grew up going to church and doing the 'look good' religion. She had no idea about what the Bible actually taught, it was described as merely a book of stories.  She liked the stories but didn't understand their eternal, supernatural, scientific, God-centered meaning. So after high school and six months of nannying  she worked in a Christian bookstore that some family friends owned. She had gone to church growing up so considered herself a Christian. But she was not prepared for what these people were truly about and why they wanted to run this bookstore. They sold all these books, resources and music that were about a relationship with our Creator not defined by a church or a group of people.  She witnessed in these people a daily devotion to this God of the Bible that was not for any kind of attention or as part of a church requirement.  They just loved to read the Bible and share what they found with each other and others. It didn't matter whether they went to the same church or not!  At the same time she was also seeing some scary spiritual activity and reading fictional books about how the spiritual world might work, angels and demons fighting and humans praying. The books are called 'this Present Darkness' and 'the Piercing of the Darkness' by Frank Peretti. Having always disliked Halloween and scary movies, she quickly recognized that she did not have protection from the darkness she'd always feared. What got her attention was reading the fictional story about how things we can't see 'might' look extrapolating some truths from scripture and then seeing how things really do look when the unseen forces are working! No one had to convince her that there is a spiritual realm. She'd seen and heard it. Then the people who owned the bookstore did the same thing the people in the books did. They read the Bible and prayed and the dark spiritual forces were silenced.  Nancy then prayed the prayer that one of the characters in the book prayed and asked Jesus to be in charge of her life, protect her from the evil forces she saw all around her, and fill her up with His purposes. 
    Seeking those purposes has seemed like a long road for Nancy.  She prayed the prayer of acceptance and repentance in 1992 and since then has been involved in many ministries and churches as she has moved around the world.  From Australia to Malaysia to New Jersey to Oregon to North Dakota, Arizona and finally to Washington she has sung, acted, played, lead and spoken with others about Jesus. But as one of her favorite bible study leaders, Beth Moore, has said 'If you keep seeking God you will not miss your calling, you will have a head-on collision with it!'.  So Nancy is seeking God through the adventure of writing this book, hoping to see a collision of purpose. She longs to use every creative ability to honor God and draw others to consider Him and how much He longs for their hearts to come into relationship with His.

If you would like to contact Nancy, she can be reached via email at necasady@necasady.com