What is Time Assignment about?

An adventure through time reveals the weaving of eternal purposes. Through ‘random’ meetings with people and the discovery of a buried city, one man’s life is forever changed.  Will his heart be moved by the extraordinary? Or will his ordinary human need for love finally penetrate his distracted heart?

Dr. Edwards is on a journey to find significance.  His archeological research has led him on many interesting adventures, but none have filled his longing for purpose.  During his travels he is reunited with an old family friend who reminds him of the faith he turned his back on long ago.  A business agreement leads him to the Sahara Desert, a stranded missionary woman and what appears to be the most significant archeological find of the millennium.   

Malak, a being not bound by time, must travel through earth's ages to arrange the circumstances necessary for a space-time pattern to emerge complete.  His assignment and travels ultimately lead him to Dr. Paul Edwards. Somehow Malak and his team must communicate with Dr. Edwards without disrupting the time weaving process. 

The mystery of the cosmos and man's own ability to choose lead us to contemplate what the true

purpose of time, and ultimately existence, is.